Our Impact

$223,200 Invested in Results in 2018 MCF Grant Cycle

Manatee Community Foundation recently awarded $223,200 in grants to local nonprofits through a competitive grant process and through generous donors and giving circles that supported requests for funding. This year’s grants process emphasized the importance of organizations clearly articulating the expected human gain instead of... Learn More

Be the One to Support Nonprofits Serving Manatee County in the 2018 Giving Challenge!

On May 1-2 from noon to noon, the 2018 Giving Challenge will generate thousands of donations supporting local nonprofits. Every nonprofit you support with $25 to $100 will receive a dollar for dollar match by... Learn More

Madison Larkin Hired As Donor and Event Coordinator

On April 16, 2018, Manatee Community Foundation’s new donor and event coordinator Madison Larkin started in her role. Madison coordinates our donor, nonprofit, board and community events; coordinates the use of our building by internal/external... Learn More

Our Corporate Ambassadors